Uncut cover, June 2014

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April 24

where is spring

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wtf it’s snowing why

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Alex Turner, from the “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” music video. Released April 14, 2011. Directed by Focus Creeps.

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well at least that post that literally says “hitler was kind of nice person” is not around anymore

Coachella 2014 [x]

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alanvilla2510: @amorfanciesyou is like…. Yeah you know, Coachillin with Alex Turner

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Daily Pictures of Alex Turner that make you want to cry  

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Alex & Arielle

on the set of R U Mine? shoot [x]

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Drums and drummer

@billryderjones: Berj and his rhythm hotshots about to get our Seinfeld on!

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why am i so rude

how do they “cut off” legs and arms in movies