my new favourite photo of Alex Turner

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Arctic Monkeys @ the Mann - 18/9/13

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Alex Turner
GQ Magazine

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today we discussed something in the english class and those two girls said something terrible and it is too terrible i can’t tell you what but they are both super white you can see where it is going

Salt Lake City UT, 2014

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you all are so cool and great


AM | Adelaide | 10.05.2014

what’s up??????????

Jamie Cook - Big Day Out, Sydney 2009

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Name: A wild Do I Wanna Know appears
Artist: Vampire Weekend
Album: iTunes Festival 2013
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Baio and CT start playing Do I Wanna Know while Ezra talks to the crowd and randomly hums.

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Kool Haus, Toronto - September 15, 2013 [x]

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all i want right now is to watch all the Shrek movie and some of David Fincher movies

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505 @ T in the Park 2014